Im back and so is the blog…

Yes its true im back.

Ive eaten more Pork Scratchings and drunk more bitter than is healthy for any man

so CHEERS and lets do some serious drinking…no Learning (hiccup)


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Brazilians and the Environment 1

Here goes… your thoughts on the Environment and issues surrounding sustainable development in Brazil…please post some comments

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Cheese Rolling

a fine sport from England … much more exciting than football – i bet Pele could never have done this!

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Zico for City

Manchester City chairman Thaksin Shinawatra is lining up Fenerbahce’s Brazilian manager Zico as Eriksson’s successor. (Various English Newspapers )

In his dreams…. (Zico’s)

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Last Round on the Underground

Looks like i missed the party…

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The ha-ha or sunken fence is a type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached. The ha-ha consists of a trench, the inner side of which is vertical and faced with stone, with the outer slope face sloped and turfed – making it in effect a sunken fence or wall.

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Pronunciation Poem

find the poem here to listen to LearnEnglish Central


Pronunciation poem

Here is some pronunciation.

Ration never rhymes with nation,

Say prefer, but preferable,

Comfortable and vegetable.

B must not be heard in doubt,

Debt and dumb both leave it out.

In the words psychology,

Psychic, and psychiatry,

You must never sound the p.

Psychiatrist you call the man

Who cures the complex, if he can.

In architect, chi is k.

In arch it is the other way.

Please remember to say iron

So that it’ll rhyme with lion.

Advertisers advertise,

Advertisements will put you wise.

Time when work is done is leisure,

Fill it up with useful pleasure.

Accidental, accident,

Sound the g in ignorant.

Relative, but relation,

Then say creature, but creation.

Say the a in gas quite short,

Bought remember rhymes with thwart,

Drought must always rhyme with bout,

In daughter leave the gh out.

Wear a boot upon your foot.

Root can never rhyme with soot.

In muscle, sc is s,

In muscular, it’s sk, yes!

Choir must always rhyme with wire,

That again will rhyme with liar.

Then remember it’s address.

With an accent like posses.

G in sign must silent be,

In signature, pronounce the g.

Please remember, say towards

Just as if it rhymed with boards.

Weight’s like wait, but not like height.

Which should always rhyme with might.

Sew is just the same as so,

Tie a ribbon in a bow.

When You meet the queen you bow,

Which again must rhyme with how.

In perfect English make a start.

Learn this little rhyme by heart.



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